Splendor Mandala by Julie Hliboki

"Splendor" Mandala
Julie Hliboki


and God approaches you.
Hold the inhalation,
and God remains with you.
and you approach God.
Hold the exhalation,
and surrender to God.



Yoga, Breath, Chanting and Meditation Mini-Retreat

Saturday, February 7, 2015, 10am – 3pm
Location: TBD

Schedule: Session 1, 10 AM to Noon; Session 2, 1 PM to 3:00 PM;
Break for ‘Bring your own’ bag lunch between sessions, Noon to 1 PM

Fee: $20.00 each for individual sessions, $30.00 for both sessions

Steve Gold will facilitate this mini-retreat on Saturday, February 7, 2015. It will include physical exercise, breathing and relaxation, chanting and guided meditation. Participants must bring their own yoga mat, blanket and/or pillow, and a light bag lunch.  We will provide water, light snacks and fruit.  Registrations are required.

To register, please email Sue at sue@neshamainterfaithcenter.org.  Payment is on the day by cash or checks payable to Steve Gold.

Session 1: Yoga Body-Breath-Mind-Spirit Practices:
Yoga is most popularly known as a system of physical exercise developed in India to tone, balance and calm the body and internal organs. It is also part of a more comprehensive system designed to facilitate spiritual development through progressive steps of a journey from without to within. It leads from the body to the breath to the mind and ultimately to the spirit. Chanting is also a spiritually beneficial practice within the yoga system channeling emotions in an uplifting direction.
This session will begin with physical exercises, followed by breathing and relaxation exercises, followed by chanting, and ending with a guided meditation. Bring a yoga mat, a blanket or pillow for seated meditation and chanting. (Chairs will be provided for those who are not comfortable sitting on the floor).

Note: It is recommended that participants come to the class on an empty stomach, or if you must eat, finish a light breakfast at least one hour before the start of the class session. Yoga and meditation is best done on an empty stomach.

Session 2: Science of Breath and Pranayama – Theory and Practice:
Yoga emphasizes the significance of the breath and its associated, more subtle life force, called “prana”. This tandem serves as a significant layer of the soul and physiological and spiritual function that connects the body with the deeper levels of lower and higher mind, and beyond. This session will start with an in-depth theoretical presentation exploring the physiological functions of the breath and corresponding psychic functions of the flow of life force prana. It will conclude with a detailed experiential meditation exercise putting the theory into practice. 

About the facilitator:
Steven J. Gold, BA Antioch College, Philosophy and Religion; JD Emory Law School, is the founder/director of the Yoga and Judaism Center in Atlanta, GA and the author of Yoga and Judaism (2007), Ivri: The Essence of Hebrew Spirituality (2010), Torah Portion Summaries; With Insights from the Perspective of a Jewish Yogi (2010), and Basic Spiritual Principles (2011). He has been an initiate, student, practitioner and teacher in a Himalayan yoga and meditation tradition for over 35 years and a student of Kabala and Jewish Spirituality for several years. His teaching activities include yoga and meditation as contained in Indian spirituality, Jewish mysticism, and correlations between the two traditions.
Blog: http://yajcenter.blogspot.com.  Email: yajcenter@aol.com.



Interfaith Tree Planting on Georgia Arbor Day

Friday, February 20, 2015
Location and details TBA

We are partnering with Trees for Atlanta to observe Georgia Arbor Day - a state holiday that recognizes the importance of planting and caring for trees. It allows us to acknowledge the value of trees in our lives and communities.

We plan to join with members from multiple faith communities, to work and dig together, to plant trees in our community for the benefit and enjoyment of all .... Save the date now and watch this space for more details!



Hunger Walk

Sunday, March 15, 2015 from 12 noon to 4pm
Location: Starting at Turner Field Stadium, and proceeding through downtown Atlanta - Exact route TBA

Please join with your friends at Neshama Interfaith Center walking together as a team, and together we can raise funds for the Atlanta Community Food Bank! Last year's team was successful in raising over $1000 - let's try to beat that record this time around!  Details will be posted soon about how to register for the team ... but make sure you have your walking (or running) shoes ready for this date!  Let's all support a very important cause in the Atlanta community.